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In the Moment

a feature length documentary film

Imagine a sublime passage from Pulitzer Prize and Oscar winning composer John Corigliano’s musical score for the film “The Red Violin” performed by violinist Joshua Bell. Or consider how Pulitzer Prize winning photographer John Kaplan gets into the moment to capture the "photographic moment", or how he faces the prospect of his own death as he battles cancer. Experience the power, grace and intensity of Olympic silver medalist hurdler Judi Brown-Clarke as she struggles to catch her rivals in the 1984 Los Angeles games. Or watch as Karl Gude, artist and former Director of Information Graphics at Newsweek recreates in pencil the horror of the experience of 9-11.  Travel by film to a combat zone in Afghanistan where Marine sniper Logan Stark runs across a field of fire and turns his rifle on a Taliban insurgent. Observe as Wendy Whalen, principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, creates and performs a new duet with grace, athleticism, and precision. 
The intensity of experience shared by these 6 (already filmed for our documentary) is similar to the experiences reported by dancers, soldiers, musicians, chefs, pilots, and even the rest of us in the peak moments in our lives. Other potential subjects have been identified, and will be filmed over the course of the project.
When in the moment, an individual’s performance is at its most focused, effortless, effective, and beautiful, whether it is in art or music or sports, combat, or even everyday tasks like cooking or cleaning. Everyone has these experiences, but, for most of us, being in the moment is a rare and fleeting experience. In this documentary, we open the door to these precious and private experiences and provide the viewer with a deeper appreciation for what it means and what it takes to be in the moment.

In the Moment will use the tools of documentary filmmaking to look deeply into the experience, to describe and measure its impact, and to try to explain the training, preparation, and discipline that make it possible. We will observe as people from many backgrounds and occupations find the moment, hear them explain their experiences, and talk with experts in physiology and psychology to try to unravel the mystery of this phenomenon.


The resulting film will be distributed nationally via television  and submitted to film festivals around the globe. 

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