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People in the Film

Maureen Abood
Chef, writer, photographer. 
"Lebanese cuisine, which in turn is tied, inextricably, to stories…and family…and love. Our food is delicious and beautiful, as beautiful as “Rose Water and Orange Blossoms,” essential flavorings in Lebanese cuisine, suggest. Thanks so much for being here. If I could I’d give you a big Lebanese hug as you walk through my door".
Brian Brooks
Choreographer. Dancer
"I work hard to create strategies to let the intellect go so you trust the physical. So we do research and I prepare and I make things, and study the music, and think about geometry and design and composition, but the ultimately I feel that you have to let it all go".


Judy Brown Clark
Olympic Silver Medalist, Hurdles,  1984

"As I’m walking onto the track, I’m answering all the questions that I need that help me execute my plan. I’m starting to clear off the noise, so I know what’s going to happen, so that I need to do this. And then it becomes mindless". 

Richard Chew
Oscar winning film editor; original Star Wars 

{the director} "wanted me to be like a jazz musician in terms of how I treat the material, to treat it improvisationally, to respect it as such that there was no structure to the cutting style, that I could be freeform with it". 

John Corigliano
Oscar and Pulitzer Prize winning composer

"I would love to be “in the moment.” I seldom am. I think that’s what meditation gets you to. It’s also what a dog has, which is why dogs are so happy and then suddenly sad if you’re annoyed and then suddenly happy if you’re happy because they literally live in the moment".

"House" dancer

"It’s the marriage of movement and music, and it’s like the music is in control but it doesn’t even look like it. They make it look like the music is their puppet". 

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