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People in the Film

Karl Gude
Artist, teacher, former  Head of Infomation Graphics at Newsweek
"Like what’s that jarring noise coming into my ear? Oh it’s my sister talking to me. And so it’s hard cause I need to focus on what I am doing and not that. Cause it really matters to me more that the drawing comes out than what my sister has to say. No offense, sis". 
John Kaplan
Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and cancer survivor
"The more technical trappings you have to bring into a situation, it might be slightly harder for the filmmaker to be in the moment but it is a lot harder for the subject to be in the moment. If you are doing documentary work, of course you just want your subject to forget about all that stuff and himself be in the moment".
Margarita Krein
Prize winning violinist
"Sometimes there are concerts and I feel when the audience just goes silent and they are listening to every note I am playing. That is a wonderful feeling".
Christian Lotz
Philosphy Professor
"And I think overall we are living in societies that make it very hard to be ‘in the moment’-to be authentic.  And I think that’s maybe why so many people need to retreat from it to find these little ways of ‘being in the moment'"
Joe Lulloff
Saxophone virtuoso
"I don’t think of this as a metal object with keys and buttons and pads to be able to create the sound. I don’t think of metal object as a  woodwind necessarily. I think of it as part of my being.............. it’s like an arm…"
David Michalek
"I know how to light things well and I’m okay at composing and all of that, but if there’s a real art to what I do, it’s in sculpting the human moment ............... from the inside out". 
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